Evidence shows that wind turbines increase C02 emissions

The “Green lobby” supports the construction of wind turbines under the illusion that the wind is free and they reduce, or even eliminate, CO2 emissions. The evidence that these machines increase emissions, and are the most expensive and unreliable means of generating electricity, is overwhelming.

At taxpayers and consumers’ expense, wind turbines are subsidised twice over.

Firstly by government subsidy, and secondly by the provision of 100 per cent back-up by reliable conventional generators, most of which are gas-powered. Power suppliers make clear that, in order to cope with the vagaries of the wind, gas and nuclear power stations must be continuously operative.

Thus, there is no need to construct wind turbines.

As Gordon Hughes, Professor of Economics at Edinburgh University, recently made clear - ramping up and down gas plants to allow for the vagaries of the wind is extremely inefficient and would, undoubtedly, increase CO2 emissions.

He also pointed out, to the Commons committee on energy and climate change, that the cost of providing sufficient power from wind will be £124billion or, from modern combined-cycle gas fired plants, £13billion.

A former director of the National Grid has calculated that the cost of onshore wind power is about three times that of nuclear, and the cost of off-shore wind power is more than four times as expensive as nuclear.

If politicians were to put the interests of the nation first they would insist that -

(a) the statutory order, which compels electricity suppliers to buy power from wind farms, be repealed immediately,

(b) the construction of wind turbines cease, and

(c) taxpayers support for wind turbines stopped. Furthermore, if common sense prevailed, all existing wind turbines would be dismantled.

Derek Hunnikin

St Leodegars Way