EU ‘founded on a lie’

WELL done, the WS Gazette, for taking on board the wishes of Giles Goodall by including a debate on the merits of our membership of the European Union. One of the reasons many people Mr Goodall has spoken to have little knowledge of how the EU works is because its founders deliberately hid the truth.

Architects of the EU knew if the truth were revealed at the outset it would never get off the ground. The EU was founded on a massive lie and has been maintained by lies ever since.

There is no doubt, in my mind, that Bob Lomas and John Strange have a far more realistic understanding of the EU than most of the electorate.

Much of the content of The Treaty of Rome was written in Germany in the early 1940s. For example, the Common Agricultural Policy, the EU’s biggest budget item, was ruled by the principles and precepts laid down in Berlin in 1942.

The similarities of policy are far too great to be merely coincidental.

When considering the ambitions of German politicians, in relation to the EU, please, bear in mind what a German MEP said to Ashley Mote, and I quote: “A couple of years ago, while I was an MEP for South East England, I had an encounter with a German MEP in the European parliament that said it all.

He clutched my arm and said: ‘You do know we won in the end.’

He was not joking.”

Daniel Hannan, Conservative MEP for the South East, pointed out, and again I quote: “You’ll often hear it said that the EU is undemocratic.

Actually it is worse than that: It is ANTI-DEMOCRATIC, run by and for people who fear the electorate.”

In quoting Churchill your correspondent, Martin Toomey, overlooked the one quote which referred to the possibility of the UK becoming a signatory of the Treaty of Rome.

Churchill was a firm advocate of a pan-European union of states, but with Britain on the outside as an independent, free market partner.

On our possible political involvement, he wrote: We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked but not combined.

We are associated but not absorbed and should European statesmen address us and say, ‘Shall we speak for thee?’ we should reply, ‘Nay, Sir, for we dwell amongst our own people.’

By promising to renegotiate our relationship with the EU, David Cameron is hoping to make peace with Conservative eurosceptics.

This slight-of-hand by Cameron will infuriate those people who know perfectly well that this promise cannot be kept. EU rules make clear that, before a member state can renegotiate its relationship with the EU, it must first leave the EU!

Furthermore, it is extremely doubtful if Cameron will be prime minister after the 2015 election and, in any case, he has repeated, ad nauseam, that he will fight to keep us in the EU!

Pushing through, at the request of the EU, the ‘gay marriage’ legislation was done purely to confirm his pro-EU credentials.

The cost of maintaining our EU membership is running at £120billion a year and rising (source, Taxpayers Alliance in 2010).

For politicians to keep us in the EU when the interest alone on our borrowing is 50billion a year is totally irresponsible.

Please, Europhiles, do not trot out that we would lose trade if we left the EU, or that it has prevented war, as neither of these assertions stand close examination.

UKIP coming second in the Eastleigh by-election has shown that, at last, people are waking up to the crass stupidity of maintaining our membership of the European Union.

Derek Hunnikin

St Leodegar’s Way, Hunston