Empty buses

I would like to respond to the articles in your paper with regards to the proposed cuts in Bus Services and offer another viewpoint in addition to that of Mr Elvidge.

What annoys me about the bus service is the number of times I look out of my window in the evening and see a large capacity vehicle with two or three people on it. How does it make economic sense in these hard times for Crawley tax payers (yes its your money via subsidy) for our money to be squandered in this way.

Metrobus run 35- 40 capacity single deckers and sometimes 72 seat double deckers off peak.

That means 30-70 empty seats - wasted subsidy, wasted fuel. Why cannot common sense come into play here from WSCC - surely it is more economic for mini or midibuses to be run off peak - smaller more efficient, less polluting and less subsidy.

This also maintains the service for people who rely on the bus to get around, if WSCC or Metrobus don’t look more carefully about how they spend our money we could find ourselves with no buses at all - remember when Arriva departed. And yes I do use the bus as well as my car. I am not anti bus, just anti inefficiency.

Mr R Licence, Gossops Green