Disgraceful treatment of pedestrians

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Your views

I believe it is time we addressed the disregard with which pedestrians are treated in this country; it is nothing short of disgraceful!

The lack of even minimal common courtesy and respect for people on foot coming from drivers seems to be growing daily.

I do not have a vehicle, and therefore am on foot around Crawley quite often for both running errands and exercise, and do not understand the mentality that vehicles have the right of way most of the time.

There are many occasions where drivers should feel obliged to yield to pedestrians in my opinion, including when entering into a car park whose entrance crosses over a pavement; in this case, the driver of the car should make sure no one is already walking there before completing their turn into the pedestrian’s path. It might seem minor, but as a society we are becoming increasingly disengaged and unconcerned with the “strangers” we are surrounded by- especially behind the wheel- and this growing “each man for himself” mentality begins with the most basic things; having a bit of common courtesy and treating others the way we would wish to be treated is the exception rather than the rule.

Are we simply beyond hope at this point, finding it preferable to allow decency to become extinct?

S Langley, Crawley