Digital TV is a total disaster

A few words about the wonders of Digital TV: I think it is time some home truths were mentioned from those that are behind the setting up of Digitial TV in the region. Having experienced several problems I wrote to them and got a lengthy reply admitting that this was not a good reception area. We had problems when we had Analogue but now have the same with Digital.

When it was launched did they say that our ordinary Video Players would no longer work. No! Did they say that several times a week (when it was very sunny) that we would have to retune our sets. No! Did they say that we would have to invest in a new catch up recorder link. No!

Hardly a week goes by when channels are lost or one thinks they have recorded a programme to find that the new catch up recorder has lost its channels also. It is a total disaster resulting in more retuning.

I was advised that we could have our aerial adjusted slightly to try to improve things but alas that could not be guaranteed. We did invest in a new aerial also.

It is time they were taken to task and perhaps the Trading Standards should look at what they have done in selling us a system that is not working. I feel sorry for some of our pensioners who perhaps cannot fathom out what is wrong!

So far so good no loss of Analogue radio as yet. I wonder why they have put that on hold?

Admit to all that you have transmitter related problems in sending out Digital signals at times and stop hiding behind the many failures of new technology!

John Periam

Leverton Avenue


Bognor Regis