Destruction of EU nations

ON JULY 13, 1960, the French President, General de Gaulle, summoned Alain Peyrefitte to come and brief him on the machinations of Brussels. Here’s what Peyrefitte said:

“It’s the Monnet system. It consists precisely in creating situations from which one can only escape by increasing the dose of supranationality. Each new difficulty leads us into a mechanism which pushes us a little further towards a federal state and dispossesses national governments a little more.”

In other words, along with regionalisation and privatisation, the Monnet system is an instrument for the destruction of the nations of Europe. We see it now in all its glory with unelected people replacing democratic governments in Greece and Italy, and Germany calling the shots.

Back in the early 1990s when monetary union was being discussed, those who knew about such things explained why it wouldn’t work, but the federalists nevertheless went ahead.

Their intention was to create just the sort of situation to which Peyrefitte referred in his meeting with de Gaulle; their objective is to complete the process of turning the countries of the EU from free sovereign nations into dependent provinces of a totalitarian state.

Peyrefitte wrote up his meetings with de Gaulle the same day so, although his book was published only in 1994, the passage quoted above was written more than fifty-two years ago.

How long do we have to wait before those in authority tell us the truth?

John Strange

Gorse Avenue