Dale’s Ark is riding high

Dale Rooks and her incredibly talented Chichester Youth Theatre Company go from strength to strength with every production. This summer’s offering is an outstanding production of Andre Obey’s “Noah”, cleverly adapted by Rachel Barnett.

It is ingenious, colourful and performed with amazing talent and infectious enthusiasm by a cast of over 100.

The 80+ animals in wonderful costumes (zebras, rhinos, cockatoos, chickens, walruses, giraffes, mice, tigers - to name but a few) make an intriguing and animated outdoor start to the production, then the lucky patrons with tickets move inside ‘The Theatre on the Fly’ to be transported into Noah’s Ark and meet his (sometimes squabbling) family as they set sail with their unusual cargo.

In a simple setting the atmosphere is superbly created by a dedicated team of designers and musicians; the youngsters all rise to the occasion with the overwhelming enthusiasm one automatically associates with this very talented company.

It would be wrong to single out any one performer as they work as a dedicated team - so beg, borrow or steal a ticket for this unique show. With Dale at the helm, the CYT craft has a wonderful future ahead on, as yet, the uncharted seas of even more imaginative productions.

Chichester - be proud of your Youth Theatre - it deserves it!

Well done, Dale - and all the youngsters involved - on yet another incredible and well-deserved success.

Beryl Fleming

Cissbury Gardens

Findon Valley