Customer choice limited by price

I’m thoroughly fed up with large companies manipulating customers into spending more money than they want to. My husband and I wanted to go to Cineworld.

However, on proceeding with the online booking process we discovered that the film we wanted to see was only available on the IMAX screen.

Neither of us wanted to see it on a huge screen, but would have preferred a regular presentation. However Cineworld has decided to limit customer choice and maximise profits by only showing the film on the IMAX screen during the earlier part of the day. The ticket prices for IMAX presentations are approximately £3 more than those for normal screenings.

It’s great to have an IMAX locally but why force customers to use it? I refuse to be manipulated like that and in the future will either use The Capitol in Horsham or wait for a film to be released on DVD.


Rakers Ridge, Horsham