Controlling the market

‘WHO do we actually owe the money to ?’ asks Arundel’s John Munro (“Dealing with the deficit”, WSG Letters, Oct 12). By failing to see the ‘elephant in the room’, we fail to see the obvious answer to such questions :

The unknown billions are owed to a small cabal of private bankers, and a cartel of global corporations, who control ‘The Market’ - the very people to whom we pay the National Debt, and who are primarily to blame for creating this Deficit (Debt) catastrophe.

Certain political parties and politicians are not primarily to blame for this crisis - they are merely convenient scapegoats. People are beginning to wake up to this realpolitik - such as the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters - but we seem to be still asleep to this reality here in this country.

So what do we do ? We bail out these Too-Big-To-Fail-Private-Banks out of the ‘Public Purse’ (our money) - and then we are charged a crippling rate of interest to borrow from the very Banks we have just bailed out !

Who are the gullible suckers, and who are laughing all the way to their banks ?

We must wake up, wise up and grow up in this democracy of ours.

Richard W Symonds,

Lavington Close, Ifield,