Congratulations on new-look paper

I believe you have been looking for reactions to the new -look County Times. Well, having just bought the February 21 edition, may I give you some opinions.

I like the friendly layout, large colour photos, and easy-to-read type faces. This is the result of much planning I am sure, and the compact size plus spacious layout makes it easier to ‘take in’ the pages.

There seems to be something for everyone among the Motoring section, Business News, Property pullout pages, ‘Our Church’ page, the Puzzles, Chipper, Theo Cronin’s interview, Nik Butler and Simon Robb, and one of my favourites, Memory Lane!

The recent item on the original Capitol Theatre sparked off some memories from readers!

For me, a local newspaper binds the community together, not my words but the opinion of one Warren Buffett, famous US billionaire and philanthropist, who has recently made substantial investments in regional newspapers (63 titles so far).

The printed word has more permanence, allows time for consideration.

Now we have lost the cinema newsreel, a weekly review of events is a useful timescale, which other media, television, internet, etc, do no observe. And in education, what better way to revisit the past than the pages of a newspaper, all human life is there!

In conclusion, as it is the awards season, my Oscar award goes to: WOW Entertainment Guide!

This really has found its feet, with lively reviews, listings and pictures. It really does make me want to pick up the phone and book those tickets!

Congratulations to all for making the new-look County Times better than ever, and may you flourish for many years to come!


Fairfield Court, Cowfold