Concern over excavation work

I recently had cause to write to the council about the poor workmanship of reinstating the paving in East Street following excavation works. As you know the council recently spent a considerable amount of money paving East Street in Horsham which I believe was installed to a very high standard and certainly improved the appearance of the area.

Contractors have dug up the road in order to install an underground service across East Street into the gated property of the old King’s Head Hotel, between Strada and Town and Country Weigh.

The reinstatement of the block paving has been carried out very badly and to make matters worse they have not maintained the attractive paving pattern originally installed. Furthermore, other trenches have recently been excavated and subsequently back filled with Tarmac.

The contractors should have applied for the necessary licences to undertake this work and would therefore be fully aware of their obligations to reinstate the road surface properly and to the required standard.

For the council to allow such workmanship is very disappointing.

Surely, the councils’ highways inspectors have to sign off the reinstatement works so why has this situation been allowed to happen?

Hopefully, the council will contact the contractors and ensure they undertake the necessary rectification works thereby completing the paving to the required standard.


Irwin Drive, Horsham