Cllrs should buy their own iPads

Comments regarding whether Horsham councillors should be issued with iPads?

Firstly, I would say that during much of my working life I worked for the London Transport Board as a precision fitter, and I had to buy all my tools etc so that I could carry out my job.

I left there and went into business with my brother in the building industry; once again we had to buy all our tools etc so that we could work.

Personally I think all the councillors should purchase their own iPads themselves, after all they are paid more than enough.

Regards East Street, I’m also a Blue Badge holder and have been for many years.

I think the set up that is in place is working fine and should stay as it is.

Why there are complaints I don’t know, people have only got to drive around the corner to park outside ASK, or coming from Southwater drive up Blackhorse Way and park behind what was the old Town Hall and is now Bill’s.


The Hornets, Horsham