Clearing up mess from council tree

With reference to your article on the proposed annual charge for removal of green waste, we wish to voice our objection to this idea.

The bulk of our green waste emanates from the London Plane tree situated in the adjacent property, namely the council-owned cemetery.

Not only do we collect the council rubbish free of charge but we are now expected to pay for the privilege!

Clearing the rubbish left behind by the plane tree is a major clean-up operation throughout the year!

There are leaves/branches and ‘conkers’ to be cleared; this also entails taking large bags down to the Hop Oast disposal site.

We have suffered personal injury (not serious as yet) due to falling branches. The ‘conkers’ are a particular nuisance because soon after they fall the ‘shell’ bursts open and the seeds start to germinate: at this stage they are particularly difficult to pick up.

We do put some grass clippings into the green-top bin but some also goes into the compost heap or to the tip.


Wells Close, Horsham