Charity parties

I WOULD be grateful, if through your pages, I could ask local people to consider running a coffee and cake party in support of family, friends and others with hearing loss.

October 8 is the National Day for Hard of Hearing People and an important occasion for raising awareness of hearing loss and improving understanding about the challenges that people with hearing loss can face.

Hearing loss affects one in seven people so within every community, every workplace, there will be many individuals who are hard of hearing.

One of the biggest issues is isolation. If your hearing deteriorates to the point where you can’t properly hear and follow conversations, socialising becomes less enjoyable. This is particularly true if you are with people who don’t realise you are struggling, or if they do realise, don’t know how best to help you.

The coffee andnd cake parties provide an opportunity for people to consider this issue. It is also an opportunity to raise funds for Hearing Link, which is the UK hearing loss organisation that provides localised support and makes it easy to find the right information, appropriate services, and to connect with others who have similar experiences.

I do hope your readers might support hard of hearing people and our work for them by running a Party of any size and in any location. We can supply a Party Information Pack. Alternatively, people can make a small donation to our charity.

UK Fundraising Manager, Hearing Link