Charge will lead to more pollution

Regarding the proposed charge for green waste collection.

As a single resident household I receive 25 per cent discount which I believe should be 50 per cent based on two adults two children household.

I generate very little waste.

My household bin is emptied every six to ten weeks, 99 per cent plastic. This could be greatly reduced by retailers, eg fruit and veg with its own protection, potatoes, bananas, cucumbers, etc.

My recycling bin is emptied every eight to 12 weeks.

The charge will increase pollution (runs to tips).

It will increase fly tipping which will cost taxpayers more. This occurred years ago when vans were banned fro the tips. Not all vans are commercial vehicles.

I note that extra bins will be available if needed.

When the service began I (as a professional gardener) thought it was a great service. I even had extra bins on two jobs (with council permission). This only lasted a short time, a matter of months. Too much waste being generated was cited for its demise.

Local compost was on sale at £4 per bag the last time I enquired (approximately two years ago).

I have bought compost at £10 – four bags on sale locally. This comes from the green waste of Derbyshire council. Quite a difference in price.

One assumes the seller is making a profit. The transport costs from Derby to Sussex must take another slice of the original £2.50 price.

Maybe Sussex sells the same to Derby!

I will obviously not be paying for the service.


Church Street, Rudgwick