CEM Joad - anecdotes or memories?

I am writing to ask if your readers may have a story, memory, anecdote, book or article on the South Downs Philosopher, ‘Professor’ CEM Joad (1891-1953).

On the Sunday after Easter, April 7, there will be an Exhibition of Philosophy at Stedham Village Memorial Hall - to mark CEM Joad’s 60th Anniversary.

CEMJ deeply loved and treasured the South Downs, and played no small part in helping to establish National Parks in the post-war years.

He lived within Stedham village in his final years, but also previously resided in other areas of the South Downs (eg South Stoke Farm near Arundel Castle - where his 50th anniversary took place in 2003).

This exhibition will be a celebration of his life as a radio broadcasting personality who popularised philosophy for millions (BBC’s Wartime Brains Trust), and his work as a philosopher (Birkbeck London) will be critically re-examined.

All are welcome to this Exhibition of Philosophy, especially those within the local community, and students in West Sussex (and beyond) who might want to study Philosophy as a University Degree. Such students, and others, will be asking the question, ‘Why Study Philosophy?’

I would be genuinely grateful for any contribution in making CEMJ’s 60th anniversary a success on April 6. Email: richardsy5@aol.com

Richard W Symonds

The Joad Society,

Ifield Street,

Ifield Village,