Authorities failed again in the snow

Once again we hear ‘we did all we could... were better prepared, etc, etc’ from the councils and road authorities after the latest snow on the roads debacle. My wife and daughter were stuck for hours on the A23 before finally moving and then becoming involved in a minor accident with a motorist who spun on the ice.

Can someone in authority please tell me how can a major road like the A23 became gridlocked due to snow and no apparent treatment!

The snow was long forecast so was not a surprise yet here we are again with the same old excuses. We pay high road tax and council tax and when we really need them the authorities let us down time after time.

Can we claim a rebate on these taxes for dereliction of duty? Will they pay my wife’s excess for repairs to her car?

It really is not good enough to claim that the snow came in the rush hour - it had been snowing all day.

Stop making pathetic excuses - start getting it right.


Birch Drive, Billingshurst