Appeal for info about village

I am currently in the research stage for a new book on the history of Pulborough Parish and am wondering if any WSCT readers could help me with a couple of questions which I have been unable to find answers for.

Firstly, does anyone know the origin of the name ‘Knight’s Steps’ for the original steps leading up from Lower Street to the East Glebe Field (next to the more recently constructed red-brick ramp)?

Secondly, many of the older properties along Lower Street face west, parallel to Lower Street, rather than face out onto it.

Does anyone know the reasons as to why so many of these older properties were built in such an orientation?

I would finally like to invite all persons interested to fill in a memories questionnaire which can be collected from, and deposted at, Pulborough Library until the end of January 2013. The purpose of this questionnaire is to record stories and histories of Pulborough and its residents in living memory, which I then intend to collate to include in my book.


Stane Street Close, Codmore Hill, Pulborough