Amounting to treason

BOB LOMAS tells us that Her Majesty the Queen effectively abdicated when she gave her Royal Assent to the European Communities Act of 1972 (West Sussex Gazette, letters June 6).

Mr Lomas argues his case cogently, but I should nevertheless like to put forward a different point of view.

The Constitution of the United Kingdom is essentially a covenant or treaty between the people and their monarch and it belongs to us, the people.

The fundamental texts underpinning this Constitution are Magna Carta (1215), the Bill of Rights (1689) and the Coronation Oath (1953).

This arrangement can only be cancelled or amended by the two contracting parties – not by the Establishment – and there is no sign of that happening. Indeed, the jubilee celebrations showed that the people are very happy with the way things are, an the Queen has rededicated herself to serving the nation.

So where does this leave the 1972 European Communities Act? It should be clearly stated that if we wish to be governed by Her Majesty the Queen in accordance with the Constitution described above, then we have to withdraw from the EU.

Our Constitutional Monarchy is incompatible with the EU treaties we have signed, for these treaties make the United Kingdom a mere province of the EU governed from Brussels.

The con the Establishment is practising on us, to which Bob Lomas referred in his letter, consists in telling us that our Constitutional Monarchy remains, while all the time they are secretly undermining it and surrendering our country to Brussels.

As the former dissident Vladimir Bukovsky has said: I have lived your future, and I didn’t like it. Many would say that what is happening amounts to treason.

John Strange

Gorse Avenue