Accident going to happen

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LIVING opposite the quayside at Arundel, I have seen, on many occasions, boat owners and their guests having to climb over the locked gate from the pontoon onto the quay. This is due to the fact that once the quay café closes around 5.30, there is no-one to operate the gate.

How ludicrous is this and who planned the operation in the first place? Presumably the landing stage and pontoon were meant to be used safely on summer evenings after 5.30pm, but what arrangements were set in place to ensure that this would happen?

Saturday evening, June 30, we saw several small craft and the Littlehampton Ferry arrive with crews and visitors of all ages including children. The sight of elderly people being helped or hauled over the gate beggars belief.

This is not a new problem, and with the arrival of the torch on July 16 and the Arundel Festival fast approaching many more visitors will be drawn to the town. I would suggest that action is urgently required to prevent a possible serious accident happening; I am surprised that this has not already happened.

Patricia Warren (Mrs)

Martlets Court, Queen Street, Arundel