A Christian country

THAT does not mean everyone subscribes, or should subscribe, to a certain kind of Christian dogma – most people in this country do not.

But I do believe most would instinctively accept we live in a Christian country - as opposed, say, to a Muslim, Hindu or Secular one.

What I mean here is that there are certain moral values which shape our culture and heritage; derived partly from ancient Greece and Rome, partly from the French and American Revolutions; partly from Judaism and other ancient religions - but principally from Christianity.

Christmas (Christ’s Birth) and Easter (Christ’s Death and Resurrection) mark the two most foundational Christian events in our calendar.

Moral Philosopher, CEM Joad (1891-1953), expresses this idea with far more clarity & precision than I can ever muster (”Recovery of Belief – A Restatement of Christian Philosophy” – Faber&Faber 1952) :

“These values are so deeply inter-woven into our nature… that we have grown up as unconscious of their existence as we are unconscious of the air we breathe…

What are these “moral values which shape our culture and heritage” – that which shapes who we are and what we become ?

That question can perhaps be reflected upon sometime over Christmas – may I wish you all a very happy one.

Richard W. Symonds

Lavington Close, Ifield