Yacht club and pub suffer as flood water hits

THE WORST-affected areas for flood damage to businesses was Brighton Road and Shoreham Airport.

However, Brighton Road was a mixed picture; Sussex Yacht Club had water flooding through their clubhouse but up the road Frosts managed to stay open during the day.

A spokesperson from Shoreham Frosts said: “We were not submerged.

“The windows actually held the water back.

“The effect to us is not as dramatic as everyone is saying. There are puddles in the showroom and two damaged sockets.

“It’s not as bad inside as it is outside.”

Ben Coe who works in the yard at Sussex Yacht Club, said: “The water just came right through the yard and into the club building.

“The offices are wrecked. Cars were under water and two of them were mine.”

Tim Leigh, 49, Sussex Yacht Club secretary, said: “At 1am there was a little water the tiniest amount and we all hoped the tide would turn quickly and it would go away, but after 30 minutes it was surging in.

“We had nine inches one side and 15in the other, it came straight through the brick-work, it was so high.

“Even the floor barriers couldn’t stop it.

“It was our Christmas party on Thursday and four of us came back to the club to see high tide out in case there was a problem, my wife was then stuck here until 3.30am waiting for the road to be opened again.

“Downstairs carpets are ruined, and so are the lower walls where the water seeped through.”

Across the river, the Waterside Inn, in Ferry Road was closed all Friday morning as the premises had completely flooded over night.

A spokesperson for the Waterside said: “The Waterside was flooded in the early hours of Friday morning.

“Thanks to the hard work of manager Sarah Jeram, and the rest of the team in the clean-up operation, along with greatly appreciated support from the local community, we were 
able to re-open our doors to the public at 5pm that evening.

“The pub is now open during normal business hours and food service will begin again on Wednesday once storage equipment damaged in the flood has been replaced.”

Over at Shoreham Airport, businesses were also affected, though the Hummingbirds café stayed open throughout.

Anthony Smith, media relations, Ricardo, said: “It was unexpected but based on our initial assessment there is only superficial damage, there is no damage to our products or computers.

“But your heart does go out to those badly affected and we are comparatively very fortunate.”

Speaking about the action taken after the flood and long-term solutions, a spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: “We made a temporary repair to the defence on Friday evening and this has held over the weekend.

“The maximum tide level at the moment is not expected to breach these defences.

“We are working with local authorities and other partners on a long-term solution.”