Worthing High School helps improve parents’ maths

Parents studying maths at Worthing High School
Parents studying maths at Worthing High School

PARENTS have been given free maths lessons at Worthing High School to increase their confidence and enable them to help their children with homework.

Mr Lutwyche said: “Parents expressed a concern about helping their children with homework in Maths so we were really pleased to have the opportunity to raise their confidence in this. The feedback has been entirely positive and based on this, I plan to run more sessions in the future.”

Twenty parents attended the sessions, which took place over a five-week period.

Anonymous feedback forms were handed out at the end of the course.

Comments included: “I am grateful to the School for providing this opportunity and would highly recommend the course.”

Another added: “It was very useful and a nice refresher to keep up to date with how Maths is taught.”