Worth team plants 105 saplings to celebrate National Tree Week

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To celebrate National Tree Week the Worth Conservation Area Group and Let’s FACE it! got together to plant 105 trees – some celebration!

To be fair, for “tree” read very small sapling and we used them to close the gaps in a section of hedgerow along the Worth Way.

Where we planted them is also along a steep bank and the hope is that the saplings will help retain the soil as their roots grow.

Worth Conservation Area was designated by the council in March 1987 when it was recognised that it was important to preserve and enhance the character of the setting of St Nicholas’s Church, which has been described as one of the most perfect specimens of a Saxon building in England.

One of 11 designated conservation areas in Crawley, the Worth Conservation Area is situated just within the south eastern boundary of the town.

Its borders run along the northern boundaries of Fieldgate and Beaufort Cottage, down the motorway, across to Balcombe Road just south of the moat, and then northwards along Balcombe Road and Street Hill.

The Worth Conservation Area Advisory Committee provides comments on planning applications that are submitted within the conservation area or affecting it.

They are a group of local people who care about the area and are always looking for ways to improve it.

They also care for the wider area of Worth by looking after the Worth Way, arranging working parties to tidy vegetation, clear litter and plant trees or wildflowers in the area and are always looking for new members to join them in their work.

The group meets every other month at the Town Hall.

If you would like to take part in any of the group’s activities, join the committee or simply get in touch with the group, then please contact the Chairman, The Revd Canon Anthony Ball by email or telephone 01293 882229.

The Worth Conservation Area Advisory Committee also has its own Facebook page where you can see what the group have been doing over the past few months.