World record attempt as Olympic Torch reaches Petworth

Petworth House and park.
Petworth House and park.

Petworth House will host the Olympic Flame on Monday (July 16), as part of the Olympic Torch Relay.

To celebrate, around 1,500 school children will take part in an unusual world record attempt after cheering the torch bearers through Petworth Park.

Pupils from 11 local schools along with teachers, parents and the local community are invited to the ‘largest gathering of people blowing grass trumpets.’

The idea is inspired by the National Trust’s ‘50 things to be before you’re 11¾’ campaign.

Launched earlier this year, the list of 50 things children should do outdoors and in the countryside encourages them to stay active and form a deeper connection with nature.

The attempt will take place after the flame has travelled past the West Front of Petworth House.

The Olympic Flame will travel through Petworth Park, pausing by the West Front of the house for the torch bearers to exchange the flame and allow for photographs in this remarkable location.

The local community is invited to share in the excitement of the record attempt and witness the Olympic Flame in front of the grand mansion house.

Robert Jackson, General Manager of Petworth House said: “With Olympic excitement building daily, I am particularly looking forward to the 16th July when Petworth House plays host to an exchange of the Olympic Torch. The National Trust property team will join with Lord and Lady Egremont to welcome over 1,500 local school children and the local community to Petworth Park for this historic occasion. Following the exchange we will be attempting to break a world record for the largest number of people ever gathered together to blow grass-trumpets!”