Woodchip dust ‘will be analysed’

S24503H14 Woodchip piled up at Shoreham Port
S24503H14 Woodchip piled up at Shoreham Port

TEST samples from the woodchip operation at Shoreham Port are to be sent for analysis.

The firm RSK has been appointed to collect and test dust samples in south Portslade and the border with Fishersgate, and the plan is to carry this out in August.

Peter Davies, Shoreham Port development director, said samples were also being sent to the Environment Agency’s lab for analysis.

Environmental health officer Chris Parkin was at the Stobart Biomass woodchip site, in Basin Road North, opposite Brambledean Road and St Richard’s Road, on Thursday, July 24, and he took samples for analysis.

Les Hamilton, councillor for south Portslade, has been working with concerned resident John Oakley to press for independent dust analysis for the last three years.

Mr Oakley said he hoped it would be done soon. His concern is that the woodchip is construction waste and may contain harmful substances.

James Andrew, speaking for Stobart Biomass, said the Environment Agency had also monitored the loading and dust management on June 16 and found no breaches.

He said the assessment notes stated: “Loading was being done carefully with the woodchip being lowered to floor level before deposit to prevent dust creation. Dustboss used to prevent spreading.”