Wonderful way to round off St Trinian’s celebrations

The five from the original St Trinian's film with Meridian reporter Divya Kohli and the cameraman
The five from the original St Trinian's film with Meridian reporter Divya Kohli and the cameraman

BELLES had a beautiful final gathering to mark the 60th anniversary of the original St Trinian’s film.

Released on November 24, 1954, The Belles Of St Trinian’s starred Alastair Sim, Joyce Grenfell and George Cole.

Alongside them was a gang of schoolgirls and five of those original cast members met up to mark the anniversary last week.

They were treated to tea at Oakley Court, near Windsor, which was used for exterior shots of the school in the film.

Annabelle Heath from Shoreham, who organised the get together, said: “It was a fabulous day.

“The hotel provided this superb afternoon tea for us all and the staff were great. The weather was fantastic and even the journey up there was fine.”

She said her ‘St Trinian’s crowd’ had attended and organised various events over the years, but this would be the last big one.

“It was a bit of ‘closure’ but we sure have had some fun with it all over the past few years.

“Thank you to those who have supported me and those who showed interest.”

Annabelle, who played Maudie in the film, was joined by Polly Baber, Gillian Ferguson, Pauline Files and Jill Evans for the afternoon.

Sales manager Rachel Pearce organised for the original film to be running while the group had tea and ITV was there, filming for Meridian Tonight.

Annabelle added: “When we were interviewed by Divya Kohli, the ITV reporter, we told of the happy memories we had during filming and never dreamed we would still be talking about them on the 60th anniversary.”

Annabelle also did a 25-minute live interview on the Anne Diamond show for Radio Berkshire on the Thursday before the tea.

In an anniversary event in West Street Loft, Shoreham, earlier this year Annabelle revealed her mum was also in the film, as she doubled for Renée Houston, as Miss Brimmer the art teacher.

“There is a scene where they all make their way to get the money. The art teacher is the woman with the paint brushes in her hair. When she goes up the ladder, her backside is my mum.”