Woman’s abseil to help rescued puppy to see

Remington. Picture by R&M Photography SUS-150203-124458001
Remington. Picture by R&M Photography SUS-150203-124458001

On Tuesday 3rd February we, through Arundawn Dog Rescue in Horsham, collected two puppies who had been taken to a pet shop as ‘strays’.

Myself and my husband foster for the rescue which is run by my mother in law and we went to collect the puppies.

On collection they appeared to be very healthy bouncy, beautiful puppies and I couldn’t understand why they had been dumped. Their coats were gorgeous and they were of a good weight.

The Sister went to a new permanent home but the male stayed with us.

A few days in we realised something wasn’t right at all as they would lose a toy when thrown and had the occasional bump into things.

On closer inspection of the eyes they were found to look like marbles which I could only assume were cataracts. I work as a veterinary nurse so the puppy was taken to my workplace and had a thorough check over.

It was found that he did in fact have cataracts and a consult with an opthalmologist was arranged.

Remington, as he is now known, has bilateral cataracts, Uveitis from the cataracts, his eyes can not focus correctly due to this part not developing at birth and his lens is bulged and irregular.

He will need cataract surgery to save his sight, although obviously it will never be perfect and as the cataracts are congenital, the veterinary funds for this would not be covered on any insurance.

The rescue has been quoted £3800-£4000 to have both cataracts done at the same time or £2800 for one to be done.

This is a substantial amount of money which the rescue simply doesn’t have but we are arranging sponsored walks and doing fetes to try and raise whatever we can.

Our aim is to raise enough to get one eye done so we can at least give him some sight as without the surgery he will be blind before he reaches 3 years old.

I have arranged to abseil down the spinnaker tower in Portsmouth on Easter Monday to raise money for the rescue and towards Rem’s eye surgery.

The site for sponsoring is http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/fundraising-to-enable-rem-to-have-essential-eye-surgery-/314594

I really feel for the puppy, the person who dumped him obviously knew what was wrong thus putting the problem onto someone else.

The website for the rescue is www.arundawndogrescue.co.uk

Picture by R&M Photography.