Winner announced in Henley slow gin competition

Bridget Baron with her champagne    PICTURE BY JUDITH TURNER
Bridget Baron with her champagne PICTURE BY JUDITH TURNER

A UNANIMOUS vote saw Bridget Baron win an award for her sloe gin-making.

Despite difficult weather conditions in the autumn of 2012, half a dozen residents had either found enough to make some sloe gin or had managed to keep some sloes left over from the previous year.

The judges this year were award-winning chef Simon Goodman, who works at the 15th century pub, and Lesley Mowthorpe.

Each of the gins from the various entrants were tasted in turn, and given a mark from the judges.

Bridget, from Midhurst, was judged to have produced the best gin.

“We read about the competition in the Midhurst and Petworth Observer, and only came along as we still had some left from the previous year’s brew.

“We will definitely be back again next year and just hope that 2013 is a better year for sloes.”

The judges marked the gins individually, and were delighted to find their choice of winner was mutual.

Lesley said Bridget won because of the colour, the level of alcohol, the taste and the smoothness.

She also said that runner-up Dan Lazenby came a close second.

Following her achievement, Bridget was presented with a bottle of champagne, and said she was surprised and delighted.

The poor yield for sloes last year has been blamed on the weather, with a very dry spring with late frosts, followed by a lot of rain throughout the summer hampering growth.