William Penn School holds flag making day

William Penn School flag making day SUS-140512-161422001
William Penn School flag making day SUS-140512-161422001

William Penn Primary school was selected to represent their constituency in the 2015 Flag Project.

This exciting project marks the celebration of two historic anniversaries that signifies the beginnings of a journey to rights and representation in the UK, namely the 800th year of the sealing of Magna Carta and the 750th anniversary of the Simon de Montfort Parliament.

On Thursday 27th November the School Council planned and led the day teaching the school about the history of democracy and the symbolic importance of flags. The children worked in mixed aged group house colour teams to design and make a flag that represents their local community. “We had to use our mathematical, creative and speaking and listening skills,” said Theo in Year 6.

The children then voted for their favourite design to represent their house colour. These 4 fags then went through to a final and the whole school voted for the design that best represented our local community.

The winning design was from the red team. Congratulations to Joe in Year 6, Joe in Year 5, Tom in Year 4, Isabelle in Year 4, Edward in Year 3 and Joshua in Year 2 who worked together to design and make a bold and eye catching flag.

They explained: “Our inspiration came from our beautiful environment and our Quaker values of peace, friendship, simplicity, reflection, integrity and equality. These values extend beyond our community to the wider world.The red represents our school and the emblem shows the importance of friendship depicted in our school logo, which dates back to 1682, of William Penn befriending the Native Americans.

The dove is a symbol of peace and portrays a peaceful community that works together. The green represents the surrounding farmland and the blue the sky.”

The winning flag has been uploaded to the ‘Flag project’ website to form part of an online gallery from which 650 schools from across the country have contributed to. Some of the designs will be made into real flags and flown as part of the celebrations in London.

Thank you to the school council for leading this project, the whole school really enjoyed the day and everyone achieved success in designing a flag that fitted the design brief.

Report and pictures contributed by William Penn School.