Wildflower meadow efforts begin again

Charlotte Lee and Leyla Hitchings,18, with neighbour Liz Johnson
Charlotte Lee and Leyla Hitchings,18, with neighbour Liz Johnson

BEEDING in Bloom has been hard at work creating a wildflower meadow in the village – and they haven’t let nature get the better of them.

An overgrown piece of grass verge in Manor Road is being transformed by the group, which also looks after various flower beds, containers and hanging baskets around the village.

Attempts to improve the plot last year failed when everything they planted wilted.

But, determined to succeed, the group sought further advice and is now giving it another go.

Member Pat Nightingale said: “Work parties have started to dig out the coarse grass, which thwarted their attempts to establish the meadow last year.

“As each area is cleared, it is being planted and sown with wild flowers of particular benefit to birds and butterflies.”

Work on the grass verge, between Newland Road and Towers Road, began a few years ago, when Junior Wardens created some flower and vegetable beds there, but that project was then abandoned.

Last year, Beeding in Bloom tried to create a wildflower meadow instead, but the coarse grasses growing there swamped the flowers. Pat said they were advised to weed-kill the area and start again, but we didn’t want to do that.

“The only answer is to dig it over and remove the grass and weeds by hand, before re-planting the area,” she added.

As many of the Beeding in Bloom supporters are elderly, this was impossible for them, but, luckily, villagers have stepped in to help.

“The group were pleased to have the support of some of the residents, young and old, from neighbouring houses but could still do with more help,” said Pat.

Work parties take place most Saturday mornings at 10am and on some weekdays, when weather permits. Telephone Pat on 01903 812847 for more information.

Beeding in Bloom is holding a coffee morning, brief annual meeting and plant sale on Saturday, from 10am to noon, in the large back room of the village hall..