Which green spaces do you want saved?

Residents have been urged to tell Crawley Borough Council which open spaces in the town they would like to see protected.

As part of the council’s Local Plan - Crawley 2029 - which will shape the development of the town for the next 15 years, areas of land can be designated as a Local Green Space.

One such area - Ifield Brook Meadows - has been shortlisted for the designation and is part of an ongoing public consultation.

The consultation questionnaire, which is available to all residents, states: “Being designated a locally important green space will protect the area from development, ensuring that it can be used and enjoyed by future generations.”

The consultation also invites residents to identify other open public spaces within the town - and one councillor has called on people to do just that.

Cllr Colin Lloyd (Lab, Tilgate) recently joined forces with residents in Ely Close and his opposite number Cllr Nigel Boxall (Con, Tilgate) to successfully fight an application to build 18 homes on a patch of land there.

He said: “The consultation gives all of us the opportunity to put forward for consideration very local and special green spaces we would like to se protected. This has to be done during the Local Plan formation period – so now is the time to get involved.”

To be considered for the designation, an open space must be close to the community it serves; hold particular local significance such as its beauty, historic significance, recreational value or wildlife.

Commenting on the Observr’s Facebook page, Perry Sebastian Watts suggested the Gossops Green side of the Millpond “and all greens in front of it”.

Andy James Turner said: “Protect the lot, so much has been built on we’ve not got a lot. Even roundabouts aren’t safe from the planners’ nightmare.”

To take part in the consultation, log on to www.crawley.gov.uk or pick up a questionnaire from the town hall or Crawley and Broadfield libraries.