Weekly crime bulletin is launched

THIS week, the Herald is launching a weekly crime bulletin from Sussex Police, indicating burglaries and vehicle crime in Adur wards.

Two garages in Southwick Green were broken into on February 5, with a tent and other items taken from one, and a cycle taken from the other.

A mixing desk was stolen from an insecure garage in Southlands between February 2 and 3.

Commercial properties were broken into on February 10, with keys stolen in St Nicholas and a safe stolen in Eastbrook.

Power tools were stolen from one van in Marine and an empty drill case was stolen from another in the same ward on February 10.

Insecure vehicles in Buckingham were targeted on February 6, with an empty sunglasses case stolen from one and a small amount of cash stolen from another.

Then on February 10, a portable DVD player and a sat nav were stolen from a vehicle in Buckingham.

On February 10, there was an attempt to break into a van in St Nicolas but no access was gained.