WEEKEND DEBATE: Will evening car parking charges deter you from coming to Horsham?

Car park sign in Piries Place, Horsham.
Car park sign in Piries Place, Horsham.

In the first week of the higher parking charges and early evening flat rate charges, people have said they are already being deterred from coming to Horsham.

Some have been caught out by the new flat rate evening charge between 6pm and 8pm in the North Street Park House car park when visiting the Capitol Theatre. They say they have had to leave the theatre part way through a film or performance to renew their parking ticket.

Horsham District Council has since said they will make the signs in the pay and display car park clearer so people can work out how much their rate should be.

The full story, including the statement from the council can be read by clicking the link below.

But should people have to pay for parking when using a facility that is financially supported by the council, such as the leisure centre or theatre. Some towns and cities provide free parking or subtract the parking fee off their cinema or theatre ticket.

Is this something that should be adopted in Horsham and would it encourage you to use these facilities more often?

Will these higher charges throughout the day and in early evening deter you from coming out in Horsham to shop, eat or go to the theatre, cinema or leisure centre?

Are you a business owner and noticed a difference in trade?

If you have a view on this, leave your comments below or email anna.coe@sussexnewspapers.co.uk