Wedding ring of 55 years missing in Chichester


A FAMILY is desperately searching for a gold wedding ring that has been lost in Chichester.

Christine Phillips went shopping in Chichester yesterday afternoon (November 22) and she noticed the ring was missing later in the evening.

Her husband Alan said she was ‘distraught’, having worn the ring for 55 years since they married in 1959.

The ring is a wide band about 6mm in 18ct gold. It is engraved on the inside Love Alan 20.6.59. However, this may have worn over time.

Alan added: “It has been a rotten week for Christine, having suffered from sarcoidosis for the last eight years and thinking that feeling so well, at last she was clear of it.

“A visit to her specialist on Monday confirmed it had returned and she is now back on medication.

“The loss of her wedding ring on top of this news has been devastating and we just hope that there is some honest person out there who will hand it in if found.

“We have reported the loss to the police and do hope that should anyone try to sell the ring that our local jewellers will be alert and notify them.”

Mrs Phillips is known in the area for running the Westbourne Nursery School for 41 years before retiring in 2007.

If anyone finds the ring call Alan on 01243 574110 or 07879 495251.