Water support for typhoon disaster zone

ROTARIANS in Shoreham and Southwick are among those collecting to help the recovery operation in the Philippines.

Two aqua boxes, which help to provide clean water, have already been sent to the typhoon-hit zones by Shoreham and Southwick Rotary Club.

Member Les Baker said: “Rotary, in common with many other charitable organisations, is reacting to this awful disaster in various ways, one being by immediately sending 100 Aquaboxes.”

These ‘clever boxes’ come in two sizes and the club has chosen to send the larger one, the community Aquabox, which is able to produce 500,000 litres of clean water from local water of doubtful quality.

The club has funded two boxes, at £500 each, which is enough, it is hoped, to provide clean water for 100 families of six until regular supplies can be made available again.

ShelterBox has a team in the disaster zone distributing boxes containing water purification tablets and emergency items.