Waste collections in Adur

WASTE collections in Adur will return to normal next week, following the Christmas and new year period.

Adur Council has adopted a rollover system, moving the collection day following bank holidays, when waste facilities are not open for tipping or processing.

The normal collection day for each street will have changed this week, after Christmas, and will change again next week, then remain the same until Easter.

Visit www.adur-worthing.gov.uk to look up bin collection days.

All excess waste placed next to the wheelie bins will be collected up to and including January 6.

Recycle cards and wrapping paper, but remove sticky tape, plastic bows and any other non-paper decorations where possible. Metal and cardboard biscuit tins can be also be recycled, as well as foil baking trays that are clean, dry and loose.

Shiny wrapping can be recycled if it is paper but some shiny wrap is plastic, so this has to go in with general household waste.

There will be no garden waste collections until Monday, January 13.

Real Christmas trees will be collected from January 13 and should be placed out next to the wheelie bins. Please cut big trees into smaller pieces if possible and remove all decorations and lights.