Warning about smoking after bedding catches fire in Crawley home


A warning for people to be vigilant while smoking has been issued after firefighters were called to a home in Crawley this week after bedding caught light.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (WSFRS) say that this month is smoking safety month, a focus that is very important as smoking related fires are the most dangerous nationally.

This importance has been reinforced after crews responded to the second fire in two weeks in which smoking was the cause.

WSFRS remind people that smoking in bed is extremely dangerous as there is a higher risk of falling asleep and dropping a still lit cigarette.

Preventing the number of fires started by smoking is a key priority for WSFRS and crews from Burgess Hill have been running a dedicated event at The Brow Medical Centre, Burgess Hill, this morning.

Nicki Peddle, WSFRS Intervention and Prevention Manager, added: “As a fire service we offer certain West Sussex residents Safe & Well Visits, these visits aim to provide guidance and advice on how to stay safe from fire. People with limited mobility are especially vulnerable when it comes to home fires, so if you care for a smoker living with a disability, or any form of mobility issue, we would urge you to get in touch to request a Safe & Well Visit. It could save a life.”