Warnham Church charity concert

Farlingtonic Choir SUS-140311-125458001
Farlingtonic Choir SUS-140311-125458001

‘There is a harmony in autumn, and a lustre in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been.’

These words by Percy Shelley have never been more apt than at his childhood church on Saturday October 11 at St Margaret’s Church, Warnham!

Each year, Warnham Church sets its congregation a challenge: how to ‘harvest’ an initial stake of £10 for the Church. For the past three years Farlington has risen to this challenge, last year raising money to repair the church clock, and this year raising a magnificent total of over £850 towards St Margaret’s Junior Choristers’ Fund.

Farlingtonic Choir performed a dizzying array of music ranging from Rossini and Handel to an evocative ‘West Side Story’ medley. Aristoskatz, Farlington’s chamber choir, delighted the packed audience with their jazzy rendition of the classic ‘Autumn Leaves,’ and a charming performance of ‘Candle on the Water.’

There were also instrumental items, including an exhilarating Brandenburg Concerto, wittily-arranged Gershwin clarinet trios, and highly effective recorder consort playing.

Soprano Helen Whittington enchanted the audience with Cole Porter’s ‘Tale of the Oyster’, later duetting with violinist Alex Thomas, who once again stunned the audience with his musicianship and technical fireworks. Alex also showed off his vocal skills in a heartfelt duet with Farlington soprano Olivia Middleton, which proved an emotional highlight of the evening.

Report by Katie Wycliffe, Year 13. Picture contributed by Farlington School.