Warden Park dancers perform at The Hub

Warden Park Year 10 BTEC dancers perform at The Hub
Warden Park Year 10 BTEC dancers perform at The Hub

Year 10 BTEC Dancers were invited by Haywards Heath College to come and perform in their Vertigo Dance Showcase on 22nd January.

This was a great credit to the dancers of Warden Park to have the opportunity to not only perform in the College’s annual dance show but also to see the work created by the year 12 and 13 students. Some of the students were ex Warden Park students, so it was good to see old friends and watch how their dancing technique had progressed over the last two years.

The year 10 Warden Park dancers arrived in the afternoon for a technical rehearsal to work on the lighting to help enhance the piece. The stage was a different shape to the space the dancers normally rehearsed in but the year 10 girls conducted themselves in a professional mannor and all spacing issues in the piece were quickly resolved.

The dance is a contemporary piece with some influences of ballet. The music was made especially for the dancers to convey the concept behind the piece. We called it Torn Alice. The idea behind the dance had spiralled from the fairytale Alice in Wonderland. Our dance is Alice’s nightmare as she wakes up to find herself tumbling down the rabbit hole. Combined with tricky lifts, pirouettes and leaps the dance builds up towards a dramatic finish.

By the evening and with a full day of rehearsals behind us; the dancers were dressed in costume and ready to impress the audience. I was very proud of all of them, as last night was certainly the best time they had ever danced the piece. ‘Rehearsing nearly every break and lunch time was worth it!’ said Chloe Willis.

The dancers will be performing Torn Alice twice more, at The Hawth Theatre in Crawley as part of DanceTime 2014 on 14TH March and at the Warden Park Dance Showcase on 27th and 28th March.

Report an picture contributed by Hayley Beeson.