Waiting restrictions discussed

A PROPOSAL to introduce new waiting restrictions in and around Northcourt Road, Worthing, will be discussed at the next public meeting of Worthing County Local Committee.

The proposals, which have been put forward by County Hall highways experts, include:

Northcourt Road – daytime waiting restrictions.

Cecilian Avenue - no waiting at anytime at junctions with Evelyn Road and Livesay Crescent.

Westcourt Road - no waiting at anytime at junction with Pembury Road and Northcourt Road.

Normandy Road – no waiting at anytime at junctions with Saxony Road, Queen Street and Northcourt Road.

Brittany Road – no waiting at anytime at junctions with Queen Street and Northcourt Road.

A report from the Highways team to the Committee says: “The proposed waiting restrictions are considered necessary to improve road safety and prevent dangerous parking near junctions and maintain traffic flow.

“Northcourt Road and Cecilian Avenue is a very well used east/west route across the A24 Broadwater Road, especially at peak times of the day.

“Traffic flows in excess of 4500 vehicles per day have been recorded. Typical peak flow periods occur at 8am and 6pm, daily.”

The report says the proposals are designed to:

Restrict parking to one side of the road in areas where there is limited road width.

Improve visibility when exiting junctions. “At present, parking close to some side road junctions restricts forward visibility and creates a road safety hazard,” says the report.

Stop vehicles from being parked on the pavements.

Improve traffic flow on the more major roads.

Irene Richards, the Committee’s Chairman, said: “The proposals have been put forward following consultation with interested parties.”

The meeting is being held on Wednesday April 27 at the Maybridge Keystone Centre, Raleigh Way, Goring-by-Sea, starting at 7pm.