Violin teacher’s ‘extraordinary’ musical farewell

Magdalena Reid taught Suzuki Violin to children in Lindfield
Magdalena Reid taught Suzuki Violin to children in Lindfield

Family and friends of a former Lindfield Suzuki Violin teacher celebrated her life as she lived it at her funeral; with music.

Magdalena Reid, who for ten years lived in Noahs Ark Lane, Lindfield, with her husband Malcolm and their children, Robin and Emma, died at the age of 65 on January 5 after a long battle with cancer.

Many of her family and friends arrived at her funeral carrying musical instruments.

Mrs Reid’s friend of many years, Sue Karle, said: “At the end of the service, Emma led a procession of all the musicians, playing a haunting Shetland Lament, that followed Magdalena’s coffin to the tiny graveyard.

“It felt like an ancient Viking farewell to their fallen chieftain.

“In this group of about 40 people, there were pensioners, teenagers and small children.

“The rest of the congregation could only watch and listen with awe.”

The family held celebrations of Magdalena’s Swedish May Day each year in Lindfield.

“There was much gathering of wild flowers for dressing the maypole, around which we danced to folk music, followed by singing that went on well into the night, round a fire in the garden,” described her friend.

Mrs Reid was a musician who played at local folk clubs and taught children Suzuki Violin.

Her friend said: “I am sure there are many in Mid Sussex who remember these summer rituals and the violin lessons and the joy they gave.

“Noahs Ark Lane seemed a much duller place when in 1989 they moved to Northumberland to escape from the bustle and haste of the South East.”

Mrs Reid also contributed to the charity Greenpeace.

Her friend added: “She always fought fiercely against damage to our fragile planet and for her values of justice and peace. I was privileged to be present at the most extraordinary funeral.”