VIDEO: Tony Rooke after his 9/11 court case

Charged with not paying his TV licence, Tony Rooke had claimed at Horsham Magistrates’ Court that the BBC’s treatment of the 9/11 attacks made it complicit in acts of terrorism.

He asked to submit evidence which he said would show that the BBC had consistently failed to report the true story.

District Judge Stephen Nicholls said that, even if he accepted and agreed with the evidence, that would not give him grounds to rule that Rooke was not guilty.

He imposed a six month conditional discharge, with £200 legal costs.

Outside court, Rooke said the case had been a ‘score draw’ since the judge had looked at the evidence - albeit in private - and had decided not to fine him.

He called for anyone who has evidence which challenges the official version of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to pass it to the authorities.

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