VIDEO: Shoreham footbridge demolition gets underway

DEMOLITION of the old footbridge began in Shoreham this morning.

Nearby residents reported work got underway at 7am, with a centre section being removed by crane and placed on a barge.

Our video shows the crane moving majestically through the gap as it begins to break up the removed section.

Pauline Karadzas, of Riverside, Shoreham Beach, said she was up at 5am so she didn’t miss the demolition beginning.

“I had seen the barge come up the river yesterday afternoon,” she explained. “It was very, very sad to see it taken down this morning, but it was looking very dilapidated.

“It is a bit of nostalgia. I have leaved on the Beach for 50 years.

“The new footbridge is looking absolutely magnificent.”

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