VIDEO: Shelter campaign at town’s ‘windiest bus stop’

A BUS stop dubbed the windiest in town is in urgent need of a shelter, according to Liberal Democrats.

David Edey, chairman of Eastbrook Liberal Democrats, is calling for a shelter to be installed at the stop on the A259, called The Gardens.

The Gardens bus stop in Albion Street, Southwick

The Gardens bus stop in Albion Street, Southwick

The stop is on the south wide of Albion Street in Southwick, opposite the Seaview Estate and about 50 yards west of the traffic-light junction with The Gardens.

Mr Edey said it was more exposed to the elements than any other in the town, yet it lacked a shelter.

“During this winter, I’ve seen people fairly cowering in the teeth of the gales and fierce wind-blown rain while they wait for the 700,” he said.

“The stop receives the full blast of the weather coming off the sea and straight across the harbour.”

He has written to Adur District Council’s chief executive Alex Bailey, asking the council to provide a shelter at the stop.

In his letter, Mr Edey said: “The location is particularly exposed both to wind and rain and seems to be quite frequently used so I think the investment in a bus shelter would be justified.”

Mr Edey’s campaign has won support from Jemima Bland, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for East Worthing and Shoreham.

She said: “As a bus-user, I know how miserable it can be waiting in pouring rain. We need to do everything we can to encourage people to use the bus services.”

Records show there used to be a shelter at the stop but it was demolished after a road traffic accident in December, 2009, and it has never been replaced.

It was owned at the time by Adur District Council, before it began working in partnership with Worthing Borough Council.

David Steadman, Adur town centres and street scene co-ordinator, said some of the shelters along the A259 had been replaced a couple of years ago as part of the Shoreham Harbour regeneration.

Any requests for additional shelters would be looked into by the council, which would investigate the amount the stop was used by people waiting for buses, both at peak times and off-peak, before deciding whether to place one.

Any issues with bus shelters, including smashed glass and damage to the seating, should be reported to clearly stating the location of the shelter, the problem and when it was spotted.