Video: Police and bomb squad called to MP’s office

Bomb disposal officers have left Crawley after being called to the office of MP Henry Smith to examine a suspicious envelope.

The envelope, which Mr Smith described as odd-shaped, was delivered to the office in Stephenson Way, Three Bridges, this morning (Wednesday February 19).

Bomb disposal team called to office of MP Henry Smith

Bomb disposal team called to office of MP Henry Smith

Mr Smith was not in his office at the time as he had appointments elsewhere in Crawley.

Police were alerted to the envelope at 11.45am by his caseworker. They in turn contacted the Royal Logistic Corps bomb disposal team.

Offices in the area were evacuated and Stephenson Way was cordoned off while police and sniffer dogs examined the scene.

Speaking as he attended an event in Manor Royal, he said: “My caseworker was concerned about an odd-shaped package that was delivered, so he contacted the police who came and assessed the situation and decided to evacuate.

“Things like this do occasionally happen. I had a suspicious package delivered to the house last year but I’ve never had a situation where we’ve had to have an evacuation.”

The area was re-opened at 2.25pm.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “A military Ordnance Disposal Team have examined the envelope and have established that it is of innocent origin.

“Police are now in the process of leaving the scene and the incident is closed.

“We thank the occupants of the buildings that were evacuated, and anyone else in the vicinity who was inconvenienced, for their co-operation and understanding while the envelope was checked out.”