VIDEO: Parts of Broadfield plunged into darkness

Parts of Broadfield were plunged into complete darkness this evening (Saturday) after a power cut.

Candles were seen flickering in the windows of many homes as all lighting went at around 9.15pm.

But luckily it was not out for long with power returning at 9.45pm.

Even though other parts of Crawley did not have a full power cut, head of news Mark Dunford (@MarkSDunford) received some tweets saying other neighbourhoods were affected.

@Davet66 said couple of flickers in Bewbush

@CarolBates said Just had a flicker in Pound Hill but that was it and hopefully, it’ll stay that way!

@juliusfrank67 reported Pease Pottage had a power cut

Great British Bake Off star Cathryn Dresser (@cat_dresser) tweeted Power cut...crikey! Whole street plunged into darkness, quite odd! I’ve got m’ Darth Vader Lego torch though so I’m good to go!

Head of news Mark was just about to do Just Dance on the Nintendo Wii. How did the powercut affect your evening? Did it ruin any plans? Did it interrupt a favourite TV show?

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