VIDEO: Horsham residents ‘really rise to the occasion’ for the Philippines

Horsham residents have been thanked for ‘their usual kindness and generosity’ today (November 15).

Street collections by volunteers at the Rotary Club of Horsham in the centre of town are estimated to have raised more than £2,000 for the Philippines relief effort.

The Club’s treasurer, John Le Rossignol, 66, of Horsham, thanked the town’s residents for ‘helping the world when it is necessary’.

He said: “It’s amazing how caring the people of Horsham are on occasions like this.

“What we see today is the usual kindness and generosity of the Horsham people going into the buckets which is usually made of coins, but you will find in the buckets today it’s mainly notes.

“People of Horsham really rise to the occasion and we would really thank everybody in Horsham for their generosity and for helping the world when it is necessary.”