VIDEO: Horsham charity appeal for cat food to feed hungry hoglets

A Horsham wildlife charity is asking for donations of cat food due to a hungry horde of hedgehogs who have eaten them out of house and home.

The 17 baby hedgehogs are being looked after by Care for the Wild after they were rescued in various locations around the town.

One of the 17 hoglets currently at Care for the Wild in Horsham

One of the 17 hoglets currently at Care for the Wild in Horsham

But the hungry hoglets are devouring 50 cans of cat food a week – leaving the charity running low on supplies.

Tarnya Knight, the charity’s wildlife carer, said: “They might be small but these fellas know how to eat. They were all tiny and unprotected when we got them so they needed to put on weight before we could release them, but there’s so many of them that they are eating us dry!

“If anyone would be kind enough to donate a few tins of cat food, we – and they – would be very grateful!’

The hoglets would be delighted to receive cans of Whiskas Supermeat or Whiskas Kitten, or other brands of cat food.

The food can be bought via Care for the Wild’s Amazon wishlist, by going online and searching for ‘Amazon, Care for the Wild’ (, or by donating in person to Care for the Wild, 72 Brighton Road, Horsham, RH13 5BU.

The charity is also feeding several fledgling birds, so donations of sunflower hearts, wild bird food and Esbilac Puppy Powder Milk Replacement powder would also be very welcome.