VIDEO: High tides brings world renown for one couple

ONE Shoreham couple found world renown when their picture was circulated in national newspapers and on television.

Geoff and Chris Howitt, who live in High Street, on the water’s edge, were seen looking out of their window.

S01077H14 The houseboats at Riverbank, Shoreham, on Friday at high tide

S01077H14 The houseboats at Riverbank, Shoreham, on Friday at high tide

They were watching the waves lap around their property, but Geoff said not a drop of water came inside.

“We have two spring tides like that every month but it is not usually quite so high or rough,” he added.

“We have had many messages from all over the world because of it. What larks.

“I have built up the steps into the house, so it cannot get in.”

On the other side of the river, the houseboat residents were also watching the waves lap around their properties, but general came away unscathed.

Mike Wooldridge, of Riverbank, Shoreham, said his concrete world war two barge, Aquarius, floated by 17in at lunchtime on Friday, which was rare.

His daughter and her family live on the petrol-carrying barge, next to his other family boat, a 1944 Vosper MTB.

Mike said: “Weighing 160tons and drawing 1.3m, we hardly ever feel the waves, though unusually on Friday, my daughter did report a mild sea sickness feeling – something that’s unheard of on this boat.

“I heard that one boat sank – but this is not unheard of, and the water is never that deep.”

He said you could feel the weather on the Vosper, where he lives in a flat at the rear with his wife, but ‘nothing like as violent it must have been for our sailors during the war’.